Blog Topic: Our Concerts

Discover the most interesting happenings in ensemble music – both locally and around the world – in lively posts by Jason and our staff.

Experimentation and discovery

“Traditional concerts have been somewhat passive affairs for the audience. We want to flip that experience into something more engaging, surprising and varied. Experimentation and discovery are a huge part of our programming.” By now most observers of our work

Constant Entertainment

“In the era we live in now there is constant entertainment on offer … so for us, the product we put forth in the concert hall has to be able to compete for people’s time and attention.” Last week I

Kristallnacht and our kids

This weekend wcfsymphony participates in a truly remarkable event in Cedar Falls: A collaboration between six organizations and over 200 individuals (more than half of them students) commemorating the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht. Our kaleidoscopic program weaves together music, imagery, and