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Dollar a Day

Here at wcfsymphony we spend a tremendous amount of time and energy raising funds for our operations and working to connect our supporters with transformative musical and educational experiences. One thing we notice is how challenging it is to motivate

A Sound Shaped by Time and Tools

Solid NYT piece on one of the most esoteric aspects of orchestral culture, the existence of distinctive sounds unique to particular ensembles. The group under consideration is the hermetic Vienna Philharmonic, though the superb comment thread offers a plethora of

Healthy skepticism of genre

“One thing a lot of us share is a kind of healthy skepticism or disregard for the thing we call genre.” 2012 wcfsymphony guest soloist and composer Timo Andres articulates one of the central tenets of our approach to programming [and a

A progressive view of orchestra

‘In the future the orchestra will have to think in a different way – it can’t forever be this rigid formation of 100 players fixed in one role. Within the [Hungarian Festival Orchestra], we have different groupings, some for old