To The New World

A musical and visual delight, To The New World tells the story of Antonín Dvořák’s journey to America and his experience living in Iowa as told by visual artist Gary Kelley. Produced by The New Live, this unique multi-media event offers a thoughtful and inspiring approach to Dvořák’s time in America. Featuring works from the composer’s time in this country as well as music influenced by his Bohemian roots.

Concert video coming soon - in the meantime scroll down to go behind the scenes with Gary, Jason, the orchestra, and supporters and patrons!


  • To The New World: Launch Party Photos (5/1/2019)

    Art and music lovers gather for a celebration of Iowa culture and history at Montage in Cedar Falls. Gary Kelley introduces several new works created for To The New World.

  • To The New World: Inside Gary Kelley's Studio (5/1/2019)

    Go behind the scenes with production company The New Live at Gary Kelley's studio in Cedar Falls. Gary talks about his inspiration for the To The New World, his process fo approaching the music of Dvořák, and his own connection to the composer's history in our state.

  • To The New World: Behind the Scenes at Rehearsal (5/1/2019)

    Artistic Director Jason Weinberger and our musicians at work on To The New World. These behind-the-scenes images really communicate how lucky we are to be in residence at a venue as capable as Gallagher-Bluedorn!



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