Dan Malloy

Principal horn Dan Malloy may be a man of relatively few words, but his playing does the talking! In addition to his work with wcfsymphony Dan is a member of Orchestra Iowa and maintains a busy ensemble and teaching schedule. Several seasons ago Dan performed Gordon Jacob’s rarely-heard horn concerto with wcfsymphony and is often at the center of the action in big solos from the orchestral rep.

“My parents were musicians. Dad was a choir director who eventually got into piano restoration and sales, and Mom was a church organist and piano teacher.

“I enjoy wcfsymphony immensely. We seem to have a casual atmosphere, but Jason knows how to get the most out of the orchestra. Playing in the Great Hall at GBPAC … that says it all. Great concert hall!!

“When it comes to being prepared, playing in at least 2 orchestras (as I do) certainly helps. Sometimes we play the same material only a few years apart, so details and solos from previous performances are fresh. Then there are the pieces that I’ve played at least half a dozen times where I can manage on “auto-pilot” (as if that exists in horn playing!).

“As a performer, I like to hear audience reaction after a particularly exciting performance. In teaching, I keep tabs on former students and see where their musical careers take them. Current students: who doesn’t love the “light bulb” moments?

“When I’m not teaching or playing horn, my family and I love to be outdoors, whether it is a walk/bike around the neighborhood or a hike out in the hills. We try to get to a mountainous area every summer to enjoy the views and high altitude air.”


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