Conducting Fellowship

The wcfsymphony Conducting Fellowship aims to foster the next generation of leaders in music. Filling critical holes in traditional conducting pedagogy, the Fellowship offers a close-up look at the life of an American orchestra and the real roles and responsibilities of the 21st-century artistic director.

Participating conductors experience nearly the entire range of our activities in just a week or two, and our unique style of concert presentation offers firsthand insight into new approaches to symphonic music. Conducting fellows also enjoy unusually in-depth access to the routine of an artistic leader, through the time they spend with Artistic Director and Conductor, Jason Weinberger, during a concert week. The fellowship encompasses the following activities:

  • Learn all of the repertoire for one wcfsymphony concert, cover all rehearsals for that concert and conduct one work in rehearsal
  • Prepare a rehearsal plan prior to the start of rehearsals and get insight into the personnel process
  • Participate in a radio interview and short preconcert talk about the experience of covering a concert or a topic related to concert repertoire
  • Attend meetings relating to our operations, marketing, personnel, players, education and music library areas

The program is open to any conductor interested in knowing more about the various dimensions of being a music director and institutional leader.

As of the 2020 season, the wcfsymphony Conducting Fellowship is on haitus as we navigate the pandemic and seek additional funding to support its safe return. We will update this page when the program becomes active again. Please contact Jason Weinberger directly if you are interested in private mentoring in conducting or orchestra management.


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