Encore Society

We express our deepest gratitude to the members of the Encore Society, an association that honors and recognizes those individuals who have provided for the symphony in their estate plans.

The following individuals help ensure that our mission and performances will continue for decades to come:

Faye Martin Anderson & Hope Martin Anderson Charitable Trust
Mark & Peggy Baldwin
Parke & Marlene Behn
David & Ruth Buck
R.B. Campbell
Joan & Saul Diamond
Edward J. & Catherine C. Gallagher, Jr.
E. J. Gallagher, III
John & Dorothy Glascock
Martha Holvik
Gregorio & Bobbi Kazenelson
Dennis & Jamie Lindell
Roswitha Marold
Marleta Matheson
C. Hugh Pettersen
Virginia Phelps
Veda Rasmussen
Augusta Schurrer
Frank Starr
James B. Waterbury
Kathleen & Kenneth Wernimont
Vaughn & Judy Griffith
Russell & Diane Curtis
Dee & Dave Vandeventer

What is a planned gift? It could be a bequest in your will, a charitable gift annuity, a paid-up life insurance policy, a charitable trust, a personal residence or farm, or other personal property including appreciated stocks or an over-funded retirement account or IRA. For more information on planned giving please contact us at 319.273.3373 to set up an appointment.


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