Encore Society

Encore Society recognizes and honors individuals and couples who have gone above and beyond to provide for the symphony through significant gifts and commitments. We express our deepest gratitude to the members of the Encore Society (listed below), as this means they've demonstrated the highest level of support in the past, present, and for the future, ensuring the wcfsymphony will continue on for decades to come.

To join Encore Society, you may do any of the following:
Lifetime giving of $25,000 or more
Establish a named fund of $40,000 or more to benefit the symphony
Establish a planned/deferred gift to the symphony of $50,000 or more
Planned and Deferred Gifts
Will/Living Trust - Include the symphony in your will or living trust (bequest). You can choose a percentage or fixed amount of your estate.
Retirement Plan/IRA - Add the symphony as a beneficiary of your retirement plan. You can choose to leave a portion or all of the balance to the symphony.
Life Insurance - Name the symphony as a percentage beneficiary of a life insurance policy.
Why make a planned gift? Planned gifts ensure that your legacy will help sustain the symphony into the future while also providing great tax benefits to you now!
Please note that to qualify for Encore Society, the symphony must be aware and have documentation of your planned/deferred gift. If you'd like to join Encore Society or have questions, contact Bethany Brooks at [email protected] or (319) 273-3366.

Encore Society Members

Faye Martin Anderson & Hope Martin Anderson
Mark & Peggy Baldwin
Pauline R. Barrett*
Parke* & Marlene Behn
Jackie & Larry Betts
Richard (Hovey) & Marge* brom
David & Ruth Buck
R.B. Campbell
Jeffrey & Holly Crandall
Russell & Diane Curtis
Joan & Saul Diamond*
Margaret Ann Enderlein*
Angeleita Floyd & Scott Cawelti
Edward J. & Catherine C. Gallagher, Jr.*
E.J. Gallagher, III
Dorothy Glascock
Matt & Pooneh Glascock
Vaughn & Judy Griffith
James & Harriett* Healy
Charlotte & William Hinson*
Martha Holvik*
Brad & Sandy Jensen
David & Mary Kabel
Gregorio* & Bobbi Kazenelson
Martha Kroese
Roger & Joanne Lane
Ike & Emile Leighty*
Dennis & Jamie Lindell
Dan E.* & Chris Hohl Lorenz
Roswitha Marold*
Frederick* & Elaine Mast
Marleta Matheson
Steve & Jan Moore
Kent & Barbara Opheim
C. Hugh Pettersen*
Dianne Phelps
Viriginia Phelps*
Vernon & Dottie Plager*
Jim* & Marge Polacek
Sandra Rada-Aleff & Jerry Aleff
Veda Rasmussen
LeRoy & Nancy Redfern*
Edward L. & Lorene L. Rohlf*
Auygusta Schurrer*
Frank Starr*
Dee & Dave Vandeventer
James B. Waterbury
Kathleen & Kenneth* Wernimont



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