A Musical Head Start

October 6, 2016

We are thrilled to announce a new educational partnership wth the Tri-County Child and Family Development Council Inc. bringing live music and our Petting Zoo to Head Start kids in Waterloo.

John Berry, chief executive officer of Tri-County Head Start, says children and their families served by the program “deserve the very best educational exposure to this kind of cultural investment. wcfsymphony will provide a truly formative experience to each child who has now begun their formal educational journey at Tri-County Head Start.”

The partnership features our popular Instrument Petting Zoo, which gives children hands-on experience making sounds on the various instruments in an orchestra, paired with short, live performances by wcfsymphony ensembles.

Jason Weinberger recalls pumping his fist in the air when Berry approached him with the partnership idea. “It was easy to say yes, almost without question, because of the unique opportunity to bring live music-making to kids at such an early developmental stage. One of our top priorities is to advocate for classical music while working to demystify the symphony and help people in the community access “the pure joy that comes from live music. We jumped at this opportunity to partner with Tri-County Head Start to introduce our newest young patrons to the wonders of orchestral music,” Weinberger explained.

In addition, parents, students and other members of the Tri-County Head Start community will attend our Oct. 30 Harry Potter concert. There will be a reception and visit from Weinberger.

“We are in the time-honored tradition of developing 21st century Iowa leadership, a process which begins at Tri-County Head Start," says Berry. "We are so pleased that wcfsymphony has invested as well in our cultural enrichment initiative, which we feel will help our children become the state’s and great nation’s 21st century leadership."

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