"Nothing stands still"

September 30, 2016

A letter from Jason Weinberger about a few big changes at wcfsymphony

"Everything changes and nothing stands still"

These words of the Greek philosopher Heraclitus are remarkably applicable to the ever-evolving, technologically-driven nature of modern life. And they are especially relevant for contemporary musicians, whose industry and relationships with audiences are changing radically.

Here at wcfsymphony we have committed ourselves to be adaptable, nimble, and contemporary in the face of these fundamental changes to the environment in which we work. One of the hallmarks of that approach has been my service as wcfsymphony’s CEO for the past four-plus years. In 2012 we recognized an opportunity to implement this unique leadership approach, and I am incredibly proud of what we have accomplished in the time since then: the development of an inspiring mission statement and brand; the presentation of high quality, creatively conceived live events which appeal to a diverse audience; the restructuring of our boards and their activities; and most importantly the expansion of our role as a community asset through a wholesale rethinking of our performance venues and our relationship with audiences in Cedar Falls, Waterloo, and surrounding communities.

Now we are ready to embrace another major change. This winter I will step down from my role as wcfsymphony’s CEO to focus my energies on the artistic, educational, and community aspects of our work. Beginning in October we will seek a new executive director to help us solidify our financial foundation and lay the groundwork for many more years of ensemble music here in our community. (If you know anyone who would be an excellent candidate for this position please refer them to the job posting for more information.)

In addition to this staffing change, I am thrilled to announce another major change to my work with wcfsymphony. Beginning with this fall’s concerts my new title will be the Pauline Barrett Artistic Director and Conductor, marking the first time that our artistic leadership position has been underwritten. Pauline’s incredible generosity inspires me deeply, and I hope that I can live up to her commitment with equally inspired performances for all of you.

As I move into this new phase with wcfsymphony I do want to acknowledge one thing that has not changed: my feeling of gratitude for our audiences and our musicians, who make all of my work here so rewarding and meaningful. Thank you!



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