Lollipop Concerts delight

October 6, 2014

If you'd walked into the Waterloo Center for the Arts at around 11 a.m. on Saturday you'd have been greeted at the door by a cacaphony of bells, violins, clarinets, flutes and brass instruments. The tiny players tore about gleefully from one table to the next at the Instrument Petting Zoo, trying their hands at trumpets and trombones after having heard them in action moments earlier at the season's first Lollipop Concert.

Great view of this past weekend's Lollipop series opener by Mike Anderson for the Courier.

We are so gratified to offer these experiences to a diverse array of families and kids here in the Cedar Valley, particularly given the increasing rarity of such experiences in schools and elsewhere:

Education and Operations Director Kathleen Sihler said some kids come away from the event wanting to learn how to play an instrument. "That's been a wonderful component of it all, especially since the arts and music are less present in public schools."



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