Our Safety

October 14, 2021

wcfsymphony only holds performances under conditions that minimize the risk to patrons, musicians, staff and volunteers from Covid-19 and other communicable diseases.  In doing so, we continually stay abreast of the latest reliable information about how Covid-19 and other diseases are spread in performance settings.

Vaccination and Mask Mandates

Due to current law in the State of Iowa, wcfsymphony is unable to mandate patron vaccination and mask-wearing, particularly at Gallagher-Bluedorn Performing Arts Center.

However, wcfsymphony strongly encourages patrons attending its performances and events to be vaccinated and wear masks.

Beginning December 1, 2021, all wcfsymphony musicians, operations staff, crew, and staff members are required to provide proof of vaccination before participating in wcfsymphony rehearsals, performances and events.

Also, beginning the week of October 11, 2021, all wcfsymphony musicians and staff are required to wear masks at wcfsymphony performances and events.  An exception to the mask mandate is wind and brass instrument players, who may remove masks when playing on stage.

Safety Protocols

In addition, the following safety protocols will be adhered to at wcfsymphony performances and events.

  1. If patrons are not feeling well, they SHOULD NOT come to a wcfsymphony performance or event. Account credits and refunds are available to patrons with purchased tickets who cannot attend a performance due to illness. Please contact the wcfsymphony office at 319-273-3373.
  2. Protective masks will be provided for patrons requesting them at wcfsymphony performances and events.
  3. Hand sanitizer will be provided at venue entrances and lobbies.

These mandates and protocols will remain in effect until further notice.

We thank our entire symphony family for their consideration of these measures, which allow us all to come together and be inspired by unforgettable live performances!



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