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Say hi to our new harpsichord!

Our Bach concerts in February and April 2016 mark the Iowa debut of this beautiful instrument, acquired recently with funds from the Black Hawk County Gaming Association and the estate of C. Hugh Pettersen. This single manual harpsichord in the English style was built in 1970 by the respected Boston-area instrument builder Thomas Pixton and subsequently restored in 2004 and again in 2014.

We sourced this instrument carefully in search of a sound that would be appropriate for various ensemble sizes and venues, from the compact Bach orchestra you hear this winter at Brown Derby to the larger and more grandiose Handel ensemble we presented in December of 2014.Our plan is to showcase the harpsichord on an annual basis through continued explorations into the intricate and inspiring music of the Baroque era.

View a photo gallery of this stunning instrument at Exposure.