We are an exceptional team that is passionate about music and our community. Please let us know how we can help connect you with the symphony!

Rich Frevert, Executive Director
rfrevert (at) wcfsymphony (dot) org

Jason Weinberger, Artistic Director
jweinberger (at) wcfsymphony (dot) org

Jim Miller, Director of Development for Sponsorships & Advertising

Kathy Duke, Director of Finance

Blake Argotsinger, Director of Marketing
bargotsinger (at) wcfsymphony (dot) org

John Chiles, Education & Operations Manager
jchiles (at) wcfsymphony (dot) org

Madeleine Hartleip, Office Manager
office (at) wcfsymphony (dot) org

Nathan Stucky, Personnel Manager
nstucky (at) wcfsymphony (dot) org

Hannah Howland, Music Librarian
hhowland (at) wcfsymphony (dot) org

Alex Lafrenz, Operations Assistant